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The Mate Mechanism

The Mate Mechanism makes connecting two portable items easier than ever before.

The powerful, rare earth magnet housed inside the bottom of your LighterMate allows you to easily dock and undock items when you need them. While this permanent magnet is pretty awesome by itself, it's the perfectly balanced magnetic forces in the Mate Mechanism that make it unique.

When the docking pin is engaged in the mechanism, the magnet slides all the way to the inside, creating a firm, secure connection. A quick tug releases the lighter and changes the forces inside the mechanism making the magnet slide out to the bottom. When you're ready to dock it again, simply get the docking pin close to the magnet and you'll hear a double click as your LighterMate sucks the pin back inside.

Sound complicated? It is. but not for you. We've done the hard work for you. Your job is simple. Use your lighter and know where to put it when you're done.


The Docking Pin
The Mate Plate
Non-Sticky Sticky

We are actively seeking established companies that see the benefit of making their products more accessible and easier to keep track of. While our current mechanism is housed in the bottom of a lighter, the concept is easily transferable to other products that people regularly use and lose.

If you are interested in working with us to create the next round of Mate products, please email us at